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​The time for Monday evening class (Takezono Community Center) will temporarily change to 20:00-21:30 for the period of August and September

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"YOGA" translates from Sanskrit to "union". In its essence, it is the union of the body, mind and spirit. In a broader sense,  it is interpreted as a union of the opposites that are to be brought to balance in our lives and ourselves: the active and the passive, the sun and the moon, the male and the female, etc.

Tsukuba is also a city of a "union". It unites "traditional" with "contemporary". It unites calm rural life with research on modern technologies. It unites us, people of various backgrounds. 

It is symbolic that our yoga club was born here, in Tsukuba. 

Join us to find the balance, peace and connection(縁).
We welcome everybody!


Greeting from the Instructor


Hello! I am Zhenya.

I am happy to welcome you at the Tsukuba En Yoga home page. My biggest dream is to offer you a practice of yoga which would help you feel stronger and more flexible in the body and the mind; to offer you an hour which would feel like a getaway from your busy life. I am working on providing sessions which suit various needs: sessions offering integrated maintenance to the body and the mind, addressing specific health issues, toning and energizing, improving asana skills, etc. 

Guidance and explanations are performed mostly in English, but should there be a request, I can help you with cues to asanas in Japanese or Russian.

Join me indoors or online, or request a yoga video made specifically to meet your health needs. 

Certification of a completed personalized Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (Japan)

Hatha Yoga Teacher's Certificate (YTT 300 t.h., RYS 200/500 US)

Kids Yoga Teacher's Certificate (YTT 300 t.h., RYS 200/500 US)

Certified English language teacher 



Get In Touch (English, 日本語)

​Replies are sent within 1-2 business days. If you do not receive any reply in 2-3 days, please check the Trash/Junk folder in your email. If you do not find a reply there, please kindly contact me again. Thank you!


Thank you for your message!

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